Once again, the biggest tech giants top the charts in Forbes 2020 World’s Most Valuable Brands with Apple leading the list for the past few years. The company and brand has maintained its top position and is now worth $241.2B becoming the most valuable brand in the world.

Just like Apple, other tech giants including Google ($207.5B), Microsoft ($162.9B), Amazon ($135.4B) and Facebook ($70.3B) have also maintained their rankings respectively after Apple. Compared to the previous year’s rankings, Samsung’s brand value at $50.4B in 8th position saw a one position drop in rank from 2019 while Intel 12 and Oracle 16 had an improvement of one and two ranks respectively. The multinational software corporation SAP ($28.6B) registered a constant in this year’s rankings at position 22. While IBM made 4 ranks decline over the year, Netflix reached position 26 from last year’s 38th position. Sony ($13.3B) at 47th position also made a tremendous move up the ranking from 60th position.

Soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola ($64.4B) represents the beverages industry in the top ten category while maintaining its 6th position as the world’s most valuable brand. Nescafe ($20.4B) and Pepsi ($18.2B) coming in at positions 33 and 36 respectively. Disney, in the leisure industry, moved up one position to rank 7th valued at $61.3B. Louis Vuitton ($47.2B) has branded itself in the Luxury industry ranking in top ten category at position 9 from last year’s 12. Gucci and Hermes rank at position 31 and 32 respectively. McDonald’s is ranked at 10th position with a $46.1B value. Starbucks is sitting at rank 37 sinking two positions down.

The automotive industry is represented by several brands in the top 50 category. Toyota ranks at position 11 from 2019’s position 9. Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Honda followed a downward trajectory while ranking at position 23, 27 and 29 respectively. Audi sits at 44 position.

The financial services sector has seven brands appearing in the top 50 as VISA ($31.8B) tops the list at position 18 from 2019’s position 25. A similar trend is observable in the apparel, telecom and consumer packaged goods industries with brands Nike, Zara, AT&T and L’Oreal climb to the top. Brands in the retail industry including Walmart, Home Depot and IKEA suffered a drop from 2019 Forbes ranking. At a time when the world has been hit by a global pandemic, brands have a huge task to maintain their value in the market. While tech companies reign supremacy over the list, more brands from traditional industries are climbing up the list of valuable brands.

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