The infographic above shows the top 5 google search topics for 2020 extracted from here. The most searched topics depict exactly what a rough year 2020 was.

Below are the top 5 Google searches for 2020 along with the interest in them over time and the regions they were most popular. Interest is measured relative to the highest value which is given a value of 100.


It is no surprise that coronavirus tops the search given the disaster the virus has caused globally. People were bound to their homes and relied on search engines to survive the threats of the pandemic. Some of the topics and queries that were most searched include Worldometers- website, the breakout of coronavirus in Spain, the coronavirus map and tips to survive the virus. The search was at its peak around March-April when the virus broke out in many regions of the world. Interest scaled down through the year as the virus became manageable. Coronavirus searches were most popular in Italy, Spain, Qatar, Nepal and Ireland.

Election Results

USA elections have always attracted particular interest from all around the world. The election week in November saw interest rise to the peak with searches of live presidential election results, and election results in states like Arizona and Georgia. President-elect Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris were among the most searched personalities. Election results searches were most popular in the US, Ghana, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

Kobe Bryant

The sudden death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant earlier in the year made headlines and search interest amplified in the last week of January. Some of the search queries and topics included aviation accident and incident, Kobe helicopter crash, Kobe wife and daughter and Kobe’s funeral.  These searches were popular in USA, Puerto Rico, Dominican, Canada and Philippines.


The coronavirus pandemic sent people into total lockdowns sparking an interest in remote access. Zoom came to the rescue enabling people to study or work from home. Zoom has sustained interest through the year. It was searched most in these areas: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Panama and Singapore.


Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the major cricket events. The excitement around IPL sparked search interest between September and November. IPL searches were popular in Nepal, India, Qatar, UAE and Sri Lanka.

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