The infographic above is a summary of one of the biggest BBC blooper on live television. It happened on 8 May 2006 when Guy Goma, who had come to the BBC studios to get interviewed for the position of accountant was wrongly confused with Guy Kewney who came in for a live interview to discuss Apple Computer court case with the Beatles’ record label.

Guy Goma (thought to be Guy Kewney) was put in front of the cameras while during this whole time he was thinking he will be interviewed for the accounting job he had come for. The first point Guy Goma realizes he is in front of millions of people on live TV is when the interview starts which you can see from his reaction. Below is the video of this interview:

Guy Goma improvised pretty well in the given situation as it is not easy to play along in front of live cameras.

While all the above was happening, Guy Kewney was sitting in the reception area looking at the television screen with someone else getting interviewed under his name.


Goma later attended the job interview he had originally come for and didn’t end up getting the job. BBC had to later issue an apology for interviewing the wrong person. The whole drama made Guy Goma an internet legend with this video being shared and viewed millions of times.

Goma later appeared on a number of televisions shows including:

  • Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on GMTV
  • T4 block on Channel 4
  • The Big Fat Quiz of the Year on Channel 4
  • Your World Today on CNN International
  • The Last Leg on Channel 4

This is considered to be one of BBC’s most memorable interview bloopers.

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