Infographic above shows our handpicked selection of some flags along with the historical timeline of major events that shaped them.

Fascination for State Flags

How many times have you heard people say, “Flags are fascinating”? Or, are you yourself enchanted with flags? As a child, I was also obsessed with flags, especially state flags. Looking at a list of the flags used to be my favourite past time.

National flags are fascinating not only because they look attractive with unique designs, but also because history is embedded in them. Today’s infographics shows nine sovereign state flags chosen at random along with some historical (or political) events surrounding them.

Which Flags Are the Oldest and the Newest?

The Danish flag is the oldest flag in the world that has been continuously used. It is believed that it has been in use for more than 800 years since as early as 1219. One of the sources of this belief is a tradition recorded in the 16th century that traces the origin of the flag to the campaign of Valdemar II of Denmark (1202 – 1241).

Conversely, the flag of Mauritania is the newest sovereign state flag at the moment. Mauritania adopted the current flag in 2017, adding red stripes at the top and bottom of the field to the former flag. The change of the national flag was part of a two-part constitutional referendum, one of which included the modification of its flag and national anthem. Although the referendum was approved by 86% of voters, it was called a “constitutional coup” and criticized.

What Is the Common Element among All?

It seems like most of the flags selected at random have something to do with “independence,” which was totally out of expectation at the time of selection. Gaining independence is an important step, and often not easily achievable, not only for an individual but also for a state. A national flag symbolizes the nation and its people, culture, religion, and history, which results in a unique and beautiful design. It always keeps fascinating people because, most importantly, it reflects the pride of the country.

Speaking of history

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