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The world we live today (especially digital world) is generating an unparalleled amount of data and information each second. It is hard to quantify the exact amount of data our world generates each day but there is no denying that the numbers are increasing at a rapid pace if you try measuring it with any reasonable proxy for this data. Estimates suggest there are about 2.5m blog posts, 18,000 Wikipedia articles and 500 hours of YouTube videos uploaded each day. This does not include news articles, social media posts and other form of information that gets uploaded.

On the other side we are finding ourselves not keeping up with all this. Due to this information overload, advertisements, popups etc. our attention spans have reduced. We generally skim through pages bits and pieces, here and there. Having busier life schedules are also not helping this.

InsightsArtist is an effort to untangle today’s complicated world. We aim to bring you news, reports and articles in an engaging and interesting way using infographics so that you get more information in less time and are able to retain better and get good value for your time in today’s time-constrained busy world. Consider subscribing to our email list so that you don’t miss out on our new posts.